Aim and release infinite




Why does life feel like a perpetual state of discovering things you’re unhappy with? We then make a choice to do bare minimum in order to change our circumstances or we take a leap of faith.
Is coping honourable? unashamedly rapturous? or downright purgatory?
God and Satan smile upon us with their fictitious teeth.

I swear that pretension is not my aim my dear, in fact I shield myself with metaphors and verse. I don’t swear to anything or against anything, I just mean it wholeheartedly in this moment.
My aim is clarity, it’s the most humbling feeling and I regularly release and miss but I keep aiming and releasing til the target is hit once more. Not many people account for the same target to move, why is that? You hit it once but then it moved so you have to hit it at this new location.

[Let my silence speak volumes for I am restless with speech.]