Trumpism Poeticism

‘Trumpism Poeticism’ – adj. To convert Donald Trump statements, ideologies and history into a creative product.

A book was released in 2017 by the title ‘The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump’ created by Rob Sears and published by Canongate Books.

This book was sent across to me by a dear friend as my ‘next read’ based on a lovely audible ad on their socials. I have not read a single page of this book and I’m not prepared to do so anytime soon but what it has achieved is the creation of a poem.

It’s worth nothing that this poem was written approx. 7 minutes after being sent the book suggestion after I shallow dived into the comedic works of Rob Sears. I found myself swiftly reminiscing of shameless comedic novels such as “Barry Trotter”, “Bored of the Rings” and “The Hunger Pains”, my thoughts moved onwards to the question ‘What would Trumpism poetry even look like?’, ‘Would it rhyme?’ of course it would rhyme and it would be simple to follow but if I’m writing it; I can do what I wish.

So I wrote a poem about the first Trump utterance that I remember making me hurl up my insides and my dear friend thought it would be a waste to leave this creation to our eyes and ears only (I recorded a dramatic reading that I wish I could destroy, i’m being a tease and not sharing it with you, please enjoy the poem).

Grab by Her – GBH

Grab her by the pussy

You know the way she likes

Grab her by the pussy

Whilst she’s seated on her bike

Grab her by the pussy

You know her telling eyes

The way that they avoid you

And never will they find

So grab her by the pussy

That “oh, he’s so romantic” way

That they talk about in movies

That Shakespearean speech in plays

You say me crude

10 years too late

If you had an issue

Where is pussygate?

I know you’re really want this

For i’m a gentle man 

So grab her by the pussy

She’ll fall into your hands

“You’re grotesque” I hear you say

for that I say you’re wrong

It’s simple jokes and lockertalk

Why don’t you understand?

If you quandary, you feel blue

but tweet your fake news

what can I do? 

I’ll grab you by the pussy

Then block and carry on.

– @poshjarry
Thurs 24th March 2022

Alt title GBH, Grievous Bodily Harm.
Let’s all remember that this man exists and held a seat of power;
Learn, move on and create art from our misfortunate history.