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Aim and release infinite

i. 04.agosto.2022 Dear, Why does life feel like a perpetual state of discovering things you’re unhappy with? We then make a choice to do bare minimum in order to change our circumstances or we take a leap of faith. Is coping honourable? unashamedly rapturous? or downright purgatory? God and Satan smile upon us with their…

Water ampersand Oil

Through the warm September evening airwaves, you sobbed with your dying breath, “you’re just like the rest of them”. Static.

The First Intention

iv. 19.luglio.2022 Dear, In the error of our bodies, we’re too cruel, cruel to one another and in that cruelty we are selfish and unjust; you have done no wrong dear, you must accept. You shed a tear for my lack of punishment towards you; you have done no wrong dear, you rest your head.…

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